Personal Progress Mentors

Our Personal Progress Mentors help to make sure students get the most out of their time at college by supporting and challenging them with the best interests of the students in mind.

The team comprises Caroline Crossley (CC), Theo Blackburn (TB), Clare Parkinson (CP) and Penny Pearce (PP). They are the first port of call to help students to settle in to college and overcome any difficulties that arise, monitor academic progress and attendance and take action if students need support. They also help students plan for the future and are the first point of contact with parents.

They aim to ensure each student is happy in college, making progress and getting closer to achieving their goals.

What our students say about PPMs
Nathan (my PPM) is brilliant, he listens to your problems helps to solve them and gives you a good idea of how you’re doing in college.
PPMs are available to talk to, they are very supportive and they help with problems. They make the students feel a priority in the college.
What Ofsted inspectors say
A specialist teacher and personal progress mentors ensure students receive good impartial careers advice and guidance.

Information for students

  • On arrival at College you will be allocated a Personal Progress Mentor (PPM). The initials of your PPM will be printed on the top left hand side of your timetable.
  • Our Personal Progress Mentors will look after you on your journey through college. They are the first port of call for any problems that you may experience whilst at college.
  • PPMs can be contacted via email/text/phone or by calling in at the PPM room behind Reception.
  • PPMs have a responsibility to monitor their cohort of students in terms of attendance, progress and progression plans – be it progression from Year 1 to Year 2 or when you progress onwards from Barrow Sixth Form College and you move on to University or employment.
  • Should any problems arise regarding attendance or progress your PPM will contact you. Parents/Carers are welcome to get in touch with their son/daughter’s Personal Progress Mentor here at college if they have any concerns or queries and/or if they want to report an absence.