Starting in September

  1. If you’ve already changed your mind on your subject choices, it’s important you contact your Link Tutor as soon as possible to discuss that. Students’ provisional choices are really important in that they enable us to plan for the right number of groups in each subject for September. 
  2. If you change your mind when you receive your GCSE results in August, then any changes to subject choices can be made at your enrolment interview at the beginning of September. Remember, at this stage you’ll need to meet the subject entry requirements of any subject you want to be enrolled on. (These subject entry requirements can be found elsewhere on this website.)
  3. Once you’ve enrolled in September, you will have the first few weeks of term to make any further choices, provided that there remain sufficient places in the subject(s) that you want to move into and that you have met the entry requirements for the new subject(s). You should be aware, too, that changes at this stage might involve you having to move from, for example, your A level Biology class into a different A level Biology class for the change to be possible on your timetable.

Academic requirements

  • A4 file
  • File dividers
  • Plastic wallets
  • A4 lined paper
  • Pens/pencils etc. appropriate to your subject choices
  • Calculator – if required by your subject choice

Subject specific requirements

  • ART & DESIGN students – 2B & 6B pencils, a range of paint brushes, £6 for an A3 sketch book
  • PHOTOGRAPHY students – White gel pens, preferably your own camera (a DSLR rather than bridge camera), memory sticks and cards, £9.50 for photography folder.
  • ENGLISH LANGUAGE & LITERATURE – a set of 4 or 6 highlighting pens
  • MATHEMATICS students –
    • GCSE: Calculator (ideally scientific), ruler, compass, protractor,
    • FSMQ NUMERACY: Calculator, ruler,
    • L3 MATHEMATICAL STUDIES: Scientific calculator, ruler,
    • A-LEVEL MATHS & FURTHER MATHS: Scientific calculator (Minimum functionality: Casio Classwiz fx-991EX or Texas Instruments TI-30X Pro), ruler
  • PHYSICS students – a scientific calculator (preferably Casio) and a 30 cm ruler.
  • GEOGRAPHY/GEOLOGY students– basic maths set, scientific calculator
  • DANCE students – dance clothes required Tuesday & Wednesday, hair tie if required
  • CHEMISTRY students – scientific calculator
  • PSYCHOLOGY students – ruler and scientific calculator

General requirements

  • Money for lunch or a packed lunch
  • A padlock for a locker
  • You may wish to bring a drinks bottle to use at the water machines
  • Any outstanding money for your college contribution/transport costs