Talented art student helps charity ball

NSPCC - ticker
Anne Maguire, Paula Surgett, Marilyn Hale, Jan Fielding and Pat Davey from the NSPCC Furness Fundraisers with winner Megan Yip and runner up Ilona Bitner alongside Head of Art and Design Nikki Conigliaro

A talented art student from Barrow Sixth Form College has come up with the perfect design to help a charity ball get off to a great start.

Megan Yip, who is a first-year A level art student at the Rating Lane campus, won a competition organised by the NSPCC Furness Fundraisers group to create a May-themed ticket and programme.

Her winning design will be turned into a ticket and programme for the event at the Ulverston Coronation Hall on Saturday 13th May.

“I’m really happy to win,” she said. “It was great to work to a brief and create something custom-made for the charity.”

She receives £30 for her work, courtesy of the Furness Building Society’s 150th anniversary Community Giveaway, and runners up Ilona Bitner and Callum Slater receive £15.

Anne Maguire, a member of the NSPCC Furness Fundraisers group who was on the judging panel, said: “The design just seems to capture the theme of May perfectly. We loved the colours and the fact it was based around a maypole. All three finalists’ designs were fantastic and it was very hard to choose.”

Head of Art Nikki Conigliaro said: “This has been a fantastic opportunity for our students to share their talents and get involved in a charity project that will help to benefit others in the community.”

Barrow Sixth Form College is now part of Furness College and college governor Jan Fielding is also secretary of the NSPCC Furness Fundraisers group.

She said the previous ball was run in 2014 and raised more than £10,000. “We’re hoping to be at least as successful this time, it promises to be a fantastic event.”

Anyone interested in joining the group or buying tickets or having a table at the May Ball can contact Mrs Fielding on 01229 869239.